Process Lasso v8.9 Released

Process Lasso v8.9.0.0

Detailed Revision History Fix GUI Fix possible (never seen) case where a series of events and particular logic path could cause the Keep Running state to inappropriately persist upon Lasso stop/start. #minor #internal-discovery Fix Governor Set ProBalance ‘restored’ log events pertaining to CPU affinity change reversion to match ‘Log ProBalance Events when they end’ setting state. #minor #user-report Fix Governor Fix case where when all logging disabled combined with CPU affinity changes on ProBalance restraint (a non-default config), certain cleanup operations were not being performed. #minor #internal-discovery Addition GUI Add retry on server connectivity checks Addition GUI Add new menu option ‘Log Settings / Log ProBalance Events when they End’ Change GUI Change INI key name ‘LogOutOfControlProcessesRestrained’ to ‘LogProBalanceBegin’. Any existing setting will be migrated. Change GUI Change INI key name ‘LogOutOfControlProcessesRestored2’ to ‘LogProBalanceEnd’. Any existing setting will be migrated. Change GUI Licensed Update Available Dialog – Remove deprecated ‘Check license update eligibility’ (or empty space seen in next-gen codes) and replace with Process Lasso logo Change GUI Reduce width of Licensed Update Available Dialog Change GUI Add safety for case of invalid Keep Awake timer duration Change GUI Change all links to new beta site to Change GUI Remove ‘Server on Workstation’ warning, as it should never occur Change Update Switch to direct SSL link (was a 301 redirect to SSL) to retrieve latest version info Change Binaries Set specific support for all Windows versions in the application manifests (Windows XP,Vista,8,8.1,10 and all corresponding Server editions) Change Build Upgrade to VS2012 Update 5 Change Localization Updated French, Russian, Finnish

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