Process Lasso v8.9.6.0 Released

We’ve released Process Lasso v8.9.6, another minor update. See the revision list below.

Meanwhile, work continues on the v9 alpha branch, where we can break free of some of the constraints placed on us in the stable v8 branch.

Changes: Fix GUI Fix issue in last update where language selection on multi-user systems may be seen repeatedly for other users Fix GUI Fix case where ‘View Log’ button is too short for German and Polish text (by editing text). Change GUI Updated list of tamper resistant processes that shouldn’t be touched. Change GUI Expand width of ‘Show revision history’ button on update dialog to support longer languages. Change GUI ‘Set foreground’ property added to update available dialog to help ensure it doesn’t get hidden (topmost is not set) Change Logging Do not log process termination by default. Some users were confused by this, and they tend to contribute to log flooding. Change Updater Remove ‘bitsumms.exe’ and ‘srvstub.exe’ from update package since they have not had notable updates in years, but frequently false positive’d on – may have caused some users to see update errors on these files Change Build Switch to Bitsum LLC EV code signing certificate

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