habla espanol

Process Lasso v8.9.4.4 – Español available once again!

This v8 update adds back the Spanish translation, something we lost years ago when it’s maintainer left. Thanks to a new translator, Gelton Medina, Español is back!

This version also has a few other fixes and adjustments, including a new desktop shortcut – something back in favor for some Win10 users. See the full list below:

Changes: Addition Localization Add new Spanish (Espanol) translation Addition Installer Add desktop shortcut to Process Lasso Fix Localization Fix issue with inter-product Bitsum language selection storage, for users who also had ParkControl installed Change Installer Improve uninstall when multiple Bitsum applications are present Change InstallHelper Expanded length of Service Warning message to accomodate some non-English languages Change Build Adjustments to project build order Change Build Optimized build process a bit Change Build Verify every digital signature after signing Change Localization Update Chinese Traditional, PT-BR, Russian

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Process Lasso Download Links @ bitsum.com (certified clean and digitally signed):