Process Lasso v8.9.3.2 Released

This is a minor release to Process Lasso v8, but has some relatively important fixes and improvements. We now will be branching v8 from v9 so that future betas will all be of v9. We may occasionally back-port changes to v8, but will otherwise be working to get v9 out the door. We plan for v9 to be a very nice major upgrade.

Version Type Component Change Fix Core Inappropriate logging of ProBalance action on some metric excluded processes, even though no action was actually taken Fix GUI Fix to CPU Affinity Selection Dialog. When more than 32 logical cores on system, only frst 32 cores checked for default/’all’ CPU affinity. Fix GUI Keep Awake timer could go askew after timer elapsed Change GUI Change new ‘ProBalance acitivty occurring’ system tray icon to a more orange/yellow hue, instead of the previous Red [thanks Ed Kiefer!] Change Updater Include some seldom updated modules in auto-update package since they are now dual-signed Change Updater Have unlicensed copies use the same updater as licensed copies, which is a bit more sleek looking Change Installer Remove deprecated second (direct RC) rendition of the Russian translation from installer (was never installed to disk) Change Build Update copyright notice to 2016 Change Localization Update German, Russian, Italian, French