Screenshot of Process Lasso v.

Process Lasso v9.0.0.402 Released

This build just keeps the ball rolling while I work on larger upgrades to it. Since I have changed the default graph colors (eventually editable by the user), one might call this the LGBT edition, as it is quite colorful in comparison to prior builds of v9. I did not realize just how badly the default color scheme looked on some monitors, or to some eyes. The difference between ‘decent’ and ‘terrible’ can be a fine line in some cases. Now, at least, all graph lines should clearly be visible under with the black or white themes (click graph to toggle).

v9.0.0.402 – Sept 6 2017

  • Change ‘Memory Load’ graph color default – the blue was too dark to be visible on the black graph’s background on some monitors (or eyes).
  • Fix to settings subsystem where some (almost always harmless) debris could be found if the INI file size reduced (EOF marker not set correctly).
  • Fix Italian language in last update, though also issued silent rebuild of prior release to correct this copy&paste accident.
  • Remove ‘use this profile’ when creating a new profile, as it was not operating nominally, so will be restored after investigated.

Visit to download.