ParkControl v1.1.6.0

ParkControl v1.1.6.0 Released

This release was all about removing .REG files from the equation for those who wanted to show their CPU core parking options along with the others in the Advanced Power Plan options. Sire, a rudimentary form existed before, but this refines it for Skylake and above Intel generations, and restraints it (to only available features) to lesser generations. I created a new class to uniquely identify a CPU generation, and using that, have developed code to let you hide/show these CPU core parking Advanced Options at-will, w/o the use of registry files or unreliable registry hacks. CPU-Z like functionality may start popping up here and there, though you can’t beat that piece of freeware.

Changes in ParkControl v1.1.6.0:

  • v1.1.6.0 – Added option to show or hide these settings in Windows Power Options – for applicable CPUs
  • v1.1.6.0 – Added more precise CPU generation detection (for Skylake+)
  • v1.1.6.0 – Re-arranged dialog a bit and other minor changes
  • v1.1.6.0 – Fixed duplicitous language selection on new installs
  • v1.1.6.0 – Improved interoperability with Process Lasso (a little left to do for v9)