ParkControl Pro v1.0.0.4 Released

A minor update to ParkControl Pro, v1.0.0.4, has been released. This is simply language updates and some very small changes. Larger work is coming after we unveil some BIG news in the near future.

For those with PAID ParkControl Pro licenses, the One-Click Update will literally be faster than you can blink your eye! For those without, hey, buy a license! We’ve made it affordable, and not imposed additional limitations on the free use of the product. This updater is worth the few bucks, at least in my opinion, especially since it helps support all our projects, including ones you haven’t even heard of yet!

For those without paid licenses, you will have to Download ParkControl Pro and install over-top. No uninstall prior to update is necessary. It’s still pretty easy, just nowhere near the same experience.

And, remember, we do offer a 45-day money-back guarantee!