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Process Lasso v9 beta issued, but more coming

I have opted to release Process Lasso v9 in the beta channel of v8 to keep the ball moving as fast as possible.

That said, we are not feature complete. Sure, we have some cool features, but a lot of the big ones are yet to integrate.

So far, we have these new features:

  • Much better ProBalance Insights with new Frequency of Action (same as CPUBalance)
  • Filter process view to list only the processes you are interested in
  • Pause list and graph by pressing spacebar
  • Quick-terminate is back by menu item (or DEL key)
  • Remove graph ‘map/legend’ BMP and replaced with drawn text for easier localization
  • … MUCH MORE coming

Thus, this new definition of ‘beta’ for the case of Bitsum will be: We will attempt to keep this beta channel as stable as possible while it is being amended and changed. Still, it is a risk, and I can only recommend it to testers since I take the ‘RELEASE’ status very serious. Version numbers are just made up, but RELEASE means you think it’s solid.

Enjoy witnessing the rapid progress!

  • Risto Petkov

    i have version 9 installed, i do an update and it goes back to version 8

  • This happens from time to time. Cause is being investigated. Chose ‘Update / Include betas’ and you can update to v9 beta again. I would ask for patience while I fix glitches and add features. Thanks!

  • Dubiakw

    Happened to me, too. The “installer” (which is not a full installer) downloads the latest version 8 installer and then installs from the temp folder.

  • When you download the wrong edition, it corrects the edition by downloading the right one. That is standard behavior. Now, whether you are speaking of that, or the aforementioned bug, I am not sure.

  • On further review, it does sound like the same issue. Please hold and we’ll straighten it out ;).

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