A Day of Product Releases

Today we’ve released updates for Process Lasso, ParkControl, and CPUBalance. So, let’s get into the TL;DR of it.

Process Lasso:

  1. Finishes CPUEater Demo work started 2 days ago right before issuance of a scheduled build
  2. Fixes an uninstall issue. Not this requires product reinstall to put you a new uninstall.exe. I’m not saying the old code won’t work, but this is better. It affected all our products, so when I repeat it below, you will know what I mean
  3. Changes some important ProBalance defaults


  1. Fixes a race condition that could cause the system tray icon to be ‘lost’ at user login
  2. Fixes to the uninstaller


  1. Update latest core code
  2. Fixes to the uninstaller