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See previous larger update and details below…

Most Recent Changes:

Version Type Component Change Change Installer Fix descripton of new ‘add to environment PATH’ installer section Change Installer Switch all auto-correct installer downloadss to SSL Change Installer Add secondary custom 64-bit OS detection mechanism for oddly tweaked PCs that cause NSIS scripts to misdetect Update ParkControl Update to ParkControl standard included with Process Lasso Change Licensing Reduce Lasso startup ‘nag’ timer to 3 seconds max in beta Change Licensing Minor code improvements Change Installer Switch auto-correct downloads to SSL Change Localization Update German, French, and Finnish

Previous Update

newer-logo-sharpThis is a fairly large update – there are many additions, fixes, and changes. As always, incremental refinement continues, as does preparation for future plans. One thing Audiophile users will appreciate is the new command line script ‘pl.cmd’ (can just run ‘pl’) that allows them to easily display the Process Lasso GUI on Windows Servers in the ‘core mode’ of Audiophile Optimizer.

Other additions include pathnames to all applicable log entries, which now allows users to jump to the location on disk of the process a log entry pertains to, and in the future allowing much more.

Further, the Keep Running and manually induced Gaming Mode settings are now persisted in the event of an update or restart of Process Lasso, though being a new addition, that only applies to this version and above.

Overall, this a great new version of Process Lasso that has tested wonderfully in our QA labs.

Changes: Addition Build Add ‘pl.cmd’ batch file as a shortcut to launch Process Lasso’s GUI, primarily for Windows Server users Addition Build Add installer section to optionally add Lasso install path to system environment PATH variable. By doing so, command line can simply run ‘pl’ to launch Lasso’s GUI Addition Logging Add pathname parameter to log file, changing log format Addition Logging Show process governor pathname and command line in ‘initialized’ log entry Addition GUI Add new Locate submenu (for disk and internet) to log entries in actions pane Addition ParkControl Add support for new system tray icon and more (ParkControl Pro) [work in progress] Fix GUI Fixes to import and export of configuration file Fix GUI Fix user-induced Gaming Mode state not preserved on Lasso restart Fix GUI Fix Keep Running state/countdown not preserved on Lasso restart Fix Insights Fix sorting of date/time of last restraint column Fix Insights Fix build ordering issue that could have caused wrong insights exe build to be included Change GUI Create safety backup on import of new configuration file Change GUI Reduce maximum log lines to display at one time (to reduce RAM utilization and improve load speed) Change GUI Adjust some in-product URLs Change GUI Reduce timeout after update for system tray click to see revision history (now back to 10 seconds) Change GUI Add new SmartTrim menu option to exclude game processes, part of new submenu for SmartTrim and Gaming Mode interaction settings (not yet enabled) Change Installer/
Terminate any running ParkControl instances Change Logging Rotate log files after 1000 entries Change Licensing Change product activation to distinct subdomain for server isolation Change All Better Emisoft interoperability Change Localization Update German, Russian, and French

Process Lasso Download Links @ (certified clean and digitally signed):

 32-bit EXE Installer
 64-bit EXE Installer
 32-bit EXE Installer Server Edition
 64-bit EXE Installer Server Edition

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