Process Lasso v8.8.6.0 Released

newer-logo-sharpProcess Lasso v8.8.6.0 is the usual, now routine, weekly maintenance release, but has some important adjustments and fixes. We are now branching the code base to begin work on the version 9 beta series, though continued minor updates to version 8 will occur in the interim. Please help us, help you, by purchasing a license for Process Lasso Pro!

Changes: Fix GUI Fix CPU affinity options in ProBalance Options dialog were not disabled on dialog load when ‘Change CPU affinity during restraint’ is unchecked Change Installer Make ‘Add to environment path variable’ optional for Workstation builds Change Licensing Minor licensing system refinement Change GUI Minor menu item ordering changes Change GUI Improve cosmetics of ProBalance Options dialog Change GUI Remove one of two menu items to invoke ParkControl legacy tool (an expanded version of ParkControl is now distributed independently) Change Package Rename Parkcontrol module to pkctrl.exe Change Localization Update German, Italian, French

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