Process Lasso v8.6

Changes/Updates: Addition Core Add log entry to indicate if pro-only features of the governor have expired in the workstation edition Addition Licensing Add internet connection check prior for better error reporting when activation fails Addition Licensing Show specific error message if next-gen license code is inactive Addition Licensing Add preliminary support for next-gen licensing system codes Addition Localization Add Korean to localization pack (not yet available to end users) Fix GUI Improve error handling cleanup in update check code. Fix GUI Fix case where internet connectivity check in workstation edition left a TCP connection in CLOSE_WAIT state. Fix GUI Improve startup speed and fix case where ProcessLasso.exe startup could stall a few seconds if the internet is disconnected as a connectivity check times out (now removed) Fix GUI Fix solicitation message not shown at first startup for unlicensed users Fix GUI Fix very small non-repetitive memory leak in connectivity check code (didn’t accumulate) Fix Core Improve interoperability with latest NIS version Fix Licensing Fix issue where some users had to enter their activation code again (this can also be caused by bad registry cleaners) Fix Uninstall Fix case where ‘Bitsum Highest Performance’ power plan is not removed if the user had manually engaged when they uninstalled Process Lasso Change GUI Set window title to ‘Process Lasso Pro’ to more clearly demarcate the Pro edition. Occurs instantly after product activation. Change Build Update to latest version of WinRAR Change Licensing Improve connectivity check to include database accessibility Change Licensing Extend advanced feature evaluation to 14 days for workstation build Change Localization Update Italian, German, and Japanese

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