ParkControl v1.1.6.0

ParkControl v1.1.6.0 Released

This release was all about removing .REG files from the equation for those who wanted to show their CPU core parking options along with the others in the Advanced Power Plan options. Sire, a rudimentary form existed before, but this refines it for Skylake and above Intel generations, and restraints it (to only available features) […]

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Process Lasso v8.9.8.58 Released

You may have seen a few updates lately, and for that I apologize. With activity, sometimes the frequency of updates will increase. I know they can be bothersome, but at least you don’t have to reinstall the whole product like too many other PC applications in the world! We’ve made our update process pretty darn […]

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TweakScheduler screenshot

TweakScheduler Page Added

We’ve added a page about one of our classic Bitsum freeware utilities, TweakScheduler. It has long been included with Process Lasso. You can reach it via ‘Options / External Tools‘. This is just one of many of our freeware utilities that have yet to be fully integrated into this new web site. TweakScheduler  

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RegMerge Screenshot

All About RegMerge

RegMerge is a simple freeware project I developed many years ago. I saw that importing .REG files was a ‘blind’ process and wanted to improve upon it, and did so. Lately, RegMerge got some exposure after a few site edits, so suddenly it was ‘in use’. Now, it continues to remain in ALPHA status because there […]

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