Legacy Site Licenses

Do you *require* an account here? No. Can you get one? Yes. Should you? Not yet.

We’ve fielded some requests from licensed Process Lasso Pro, ParkControl Pro, PECompact, PESuite, and other customers asking about migrating their accounts to the new website.

At this time, there is absolutely no reason to migrate your user account.

  1. The legacy site and it’s Support Area will continue to be the main site for some time, and will always exist as the ‘base’ domain.
  2. Our legacy systems and activation codes will remain functional indefinitely.
  3. Keep in mind that new license types are all subscription based, so you may prefer a legacy license.

The legacy site continues accepting orders, and will for some time. I hate to even call it the ‘legacy site’ because it’s more like the ‘base site’.

If and when we feel it’s required to migrate user accounts, we absolutely will. However, this will be a massive undertaking, not because of the manual work, but to develop the automated conversion system and get it all right. This will distract us for awesome product development plans, so it’s something we’d prefer not waste time on until we have to.

Despite all this, in the meantime, any licensed user that DOES wish to have an account at this new website should simply sign up as a new user here, then optionally contact us to request we add their existing licenses to their new account.