Author Topic: Help using Process Lasso Pro to turn off hyuper threading for select processes  (Read 1010 times)

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As the title suggests I am trying to limit a few programs on my PC from using HT without turning off globally in BIOS.

Attaching screenshot of what I think is the correct method - I would select cores 0-3 to disable HT? Right?

Tested this, and even though the CPU Affiity "Always" shows cores 0-3 it seems the application simply ignores Process Lasso and uses HT anyway!
Appreciate any guidance on resolving this without having to go into BIOS

PS - any way to NOT have to keep answering these verification questions every time?
I'm logged in using my credentials, no need to ask me to verify I am human every time I do anything.
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To disable HT you would want to select every other CPU core (so 0,2,4,...). This is also what the 'Single-threaded performance mode' does.

The process here may be setting its own CPU affinity. You should try checking 'Options / Forced mode'. Please let me know how this goes!

I will check the forum settings, apologies for the difficulties. EDIT: It was set to ask for the first 2 posts, now set to first post only.
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