Author Topic: Can anyone helps me check this is a false alarm or a trojan  (Read 2855 times)

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TR;DR:Just helps me to check it is a real trojan or not, and a virus scan is not needed, as most of them is reporting it as trojan. :)
So I am thinking can it be virus or not, and looking at my ignore list of the anti-virus, which is trojan, not malware.
And even start compile it as someone has a good instruction to compile the program.

So here it is, the file, be careful if you want to run it. ( (

And the source code, the source code look clean for me. (

Based on the comment on the blog, someone has report it as false alarm to Avast!, and which also why I trust it.
You can see the virustotal did not showing Avast! reporting it as trojan, and so did Microsoft(MA). (

And also 1 important thing, I never see it connect to the internet, so that is why I think it is a Firefox addon than a software.
If the trojan is a Firefox addon, then it will be hard to find out which one, as there is really no addon heuristic scanner, but only a database that collect reported addon that is trojan etc..
Anyways, whatever this is the trojan that ghosting me or not, at least I got 1 of my software become smaller, as I don't know how to compile it with icon. ;D (