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I think I missed something somewhere. Check these out. One with MBARW running and one with out. look at ProcessLasso.exe. It is not as pronounced as I remember it. But it is there.
I just ran a couple of benchmarks and nothing. It will have to be days of normal use I suspect. Now the issue I had months ago may not happen again. I uninstalled it because it wasn't working right with process lasso and never thought more about it until I saw some one over on the malwarebytes forum recently complaining about it and then I emailed Jeremy. I may not be able to make it happen again...trying hard though. I do keep my system and software updated, so because of this I may not see it now, I don't know for sure.
Sure, only thing I can say is maybe try things that might happen on daily base.
Like running WU , update any software (even if it just checks w/o updating), things like that.
I'm just trying to deliberately trigger the problem, so far nothing. I don't usually run that many tabs. The most normally do is twenty. I may start doing some bench marking and see what happens then.
well I wouldn't go over board, I am sure Chrome will have issues at some point.
90 tabs is already very high, but whatever worked before should trigger again.

I run about 30 tabs and thought that was a lot daily :)
Okay, I added 60 more tabs to chrome...and now let it run
Been running like this for a couple of hours now, all is well. I'll post back later tonight after some gaming.
I be interested in seeing your outcome compared to in house testing.
My guess is the 90tab browser would trigger it more as i bet more I/O usage than a game.

Just a note your 500ms GUI refresh should bring higher cpu usage up if you keep it running in taskbar.
Okay, other than playing games, I am trying to hit my system hard. I have some programs open, along with about 90 tabs open in chrome. I will use the system like this for a few hours and see if I can trigger anything. I played a few games this morning with out any problems. I will do so again tonight, without any system reboots.
I had to restart the testing last night...power went out here.  :o  Here is a Bitsum high performance and core parking profile. My system will use all three of these profiles I have posted any number of times in a 24 hour period. Now if mother nature plays nice, my system will stay running.
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