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CPU Throttling

Hard CPU Throttling is VERY DIFFERENT from ProBalance dynamic priority adjustments, which is a form of 'throttling' itself. Hard CPU Throttling applies a forcible limit on the number of CPU cycles a process can consume in a given period. This actually slows the process down. It is only useful in very specific situations, and should not be used carelessly. Most users should instead rely only on ProBalance or CPU affinity adjustments (e.g. limit the process to specific cores) to help improve system responsiveness. CPU Throtting is a feature intended for advanced users who know what they are doing, and could not solve their problem with either ProBalance or CPU affinity adjustments. There was some hesitation in making this feature available due to fear of misuse. Please, use it with caution!

Generally speaking, simply temporarily lowering the priority of an out-of-control background process is sufficient to improve system responsiveness (as ProBalance does).