Jeremy Collake and wife

The Key Man Clause

As a potential customer of a small business, you may ask yourself, what if something happens to Jeremy Collake? Though this is not an issue that affects small businesses alone, as there are key people throughout all business whose loss could cause disruptions.

None-the-less, to mitigate this I’ve set up a system where-by if any accident happens and I am not available for 30 days (or if enacted sooner), keys are released that will allow management of the business by my competent associates. This may, or may not, include release of the full source code, but all licenses will certainly be honored, and our servers accessible. They are set to pay for themselves almost indefinitely should I die tomorrow.

What do you think? Too much worry? Hey, I am doing my taxes, which always causes worry, as if I miss something it is literally a federal offense, lol.

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