Support Systems Glitch and Legacy Forum Restored

So I made some hasty decisions recently, in an effort to keep our infrastructure safe and secure, and those came with consequences.

First, we had a support breakage of, but not the web widget in the lower-left. While we monitor for this, we missed it – plain and simple. I do not know if I caused this, but have to assume I did, probably during a periodic security audit. I don’t know though, I just don’t know. It happened at a time when I wasn’t touching anything, the worst time for me as I was moving, so who knows. Murphy’s Law I guess. We should have been automatically monitoring this, and in that regard I failed.

In fact, I failed because I should have someone else handling Support by now. It takes up too much of my time, and I know everyone would rather I develop cool new software than deal with support, even those with whom I am helping. So, I continue that search, trying to find a local support person. Local is the key really, I need someone in my home area to protect the extended access they are granted. Maybe it is paranoid, but it is my belief I must do this to truly protect user data.

Second, I took the legacy forum offline because we have been under a sustained DoS attack, apparently. During mediation I decided to move the legacy forum, but then didn’t finish the move because I wondered if it was really still active. It was, it turns out, and I had just destroyed the support of my PTBR affiliate and translator :o. So, it is back now.

On the DoS attack, bandwidth quadrupled when we switched to a service at Cloudflare that charges for bandwidth, and when we turn it off, the site is slow. Most of it (20x closest next country) is coming from South Africa, so that country is presently blocked. They then come from France, which we don’t block, but do filter. New request rate limiting has hopefully mitigated this without affecting end-users, but I would bet a few end-users inadvertently got caught in it’s net. Those in South Africa certainly are feeling the impact, but there is presently nothing that can be done. Bandwidth from the country is too high to make a profit from the country, while this attack continues. A conspiracy theorist might wonder if Cloudflare themselves encouraged such, as they benefit from the extra cash from the bandwidth, but we’ll assume it is someone I advertently offended with my unrelenting truth-telling ;).

I thank everyone for their patience as I now try to wade through pages of support emails, many/most already handled, but some that need real attention. It may take a week for me to clear the back-log, but you should hear from me sooner in any event. For immediate attention, contact us again to put your ticket at the top of the queue.

Thanks to all our users!