Windows XP Generic Image

One of many reasons we had to abandon XP – but leave you Process Lasso Pro v8

Aside from the important security challenges facing an unsupported OS, there have simply been a lot of kernel changes since Windows XP.

While NT6 (Vista) was a disaster, the kernel team really took it to a new level. Windows 7 was near perfection, until those guys with the magic eight-balls told us all the PC was dying and created Windows 8. Ahem. Anyway, a few years later, they corrected course, and Windows 10 is pretty awesome IMHO.

In this case, I was looking into an odd scenario where a DLL was mapped into the process, but it had other behavior that I didn’t expect. So, I checked the docs. They’d been updated since the last time I needed to look at the LoadLibrary docs – 10 years ago or whenever.

In NT6+, I can specify which DLLs are resource-only so certain initialization and treatment of the DLL can be done in a more optimal fashion.

I’ll be incorporating more of these NT6+ only features as we go forward. And I haven’t even begun to mention the compiler and linker security protections added to the PE image.

Don’t forget, Process Lasso v8 is still there for those of you who need Windows XP or 2003 support, and it is a great build. Or Process Lasso v6 for Windows 2000.