New Payment Methods

To help facilitate payments with as much ease as possible, we’ve added support for two new payment gateways:

  • Amazon – Now you can pay with your Amazon Store Card. If you’re like me, you do most of your online shopping at Amazon, so we felt this might help some to afford our software.
  • MercadoPago – Supports payments from Brasil (aka Brazil). This is very important to our loyal users in Brasil and makes it much easier to order. They even allow for installment payments, though we may or may not allow those, it’s under evaluation.

In addition to these two new payment methods, we’ve switched the default credit card processor to PayPal Pro, instead of Stripe. Both are well-recognized in the industry, but we have been using PayPal for 15 years, and wanted to keep most of our revenue coming through a single source. As a user, you won’t see any difference, as both simply process credit card payments right on our site. If you are for any reason uncomfortable entering your credit card data on our site, despite the fact that we do NOT store or access it and all our pages are SSL encrypted, you can select ‘PayPal’ as the payment method and it’ll direct you to PayPal’s site to enter your credit card data, no PayPal account required. This is called ‘PayPal Standard’, where they accept and process credit cards, then let us know the order was completed. That is what the legacy site uses, FWIW.

Enjoy! If you would like to see other payment methods, or have any troubles, simply let us know.