Free Lifetime Updates!

All New Home Licenses Include Lifetime Updates

UPDATE: We, by default, sell Lifetime licenses for these products, but have made non-lifetime licenses available by user request.

We quietly made the transition to 100% free lifetime upgrades for home licenses a couple weeks ago – so it is time for the official announcement. This change reduces licensing complexity, making all newly purchased home licenses LIFETIME. That means customers will be entitled to free product updates, minor and major, for the life of the product. This presently applies to all Bitsum products, with the exception of some commercial licenses.

Since the vast majority of existing customers opted for lifetime updates, the few who opted to not purchase a lifetime update will have to take advantage of our ‘License Upgrade Path’ if they want this benefit (by paying the difference in cost). Since these users paid less than others, it wouldn’t be fair to give them all lifetime updates. For those users: From ‘My Bitsum‘, select ‘My Licenses‘, click ‘View License‘, then ‘View Upgrades‘ to see your options.

This is a big deal because most software companies rely on recurring revenue from their customers. When they license you version 1.0, they want you to buy 2.0 when it is released, even if it includes minimal changes, or only bug fixes. Some software companies have gone so far as to prohibit you from using older versions you paid for after your subscription lapses – a shameful practice in my opinion. At Bitsum, even if you have a non-lifetime update license (bought prior or commercial), then you always have the right to use the last released version during your update eligibility period. We even archive all version releases so that you can go back and download the one you’re entitled to. Of course, fewer users will have need to do this now!

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Meester Chris

    Decent !

    Now make it so we can run desktop and laptop one one licence so its not ridiculously overpriced for home use.

  • cat1092

    Actually, Bitsum offers promos on a quite frequent basis, therefore one can get an entire Home use license for no more (or maybe less) than the cost of a single use license. Of course, if your single use license is Lifetime, you can still use it on that computer, and should.

    While I purchase very little software outside of security (free security like skating on thin ice), Process Lasso is the only software that I’ve purchased in at least the last 8-9 years. Did fall into the ‘registry cleaning’ trap years back one time, all over an optical drive that wouldn’t work. Since then, I realized my mistake in that was to uninstall from the Device Manager, reboot & let it reinstall & would had saved 2 days of frustration (the upper or lower registry keys got messed up by one of those ‘donut’ sized CD’s that a driver was on, causing the malfunction).

    Sure at the time, the outfit got my optical drive working & ‘optimized’ the registry, including a ‘defrag’ afterwards, the latter two I later learned to be ‘snake oil’ at best. So like most everyone, I lived & learned, those where my early days to computers. Now I can build these, have three of my own & have built more than a dozen for others, not to include rebuilds (assembling a complete PC from spare components, where I learned a lot).

    Process Lasso is an honest corporation, and as long as one on their mailing list, promotions will be received. Also sometimes at the point of sale one will come up also, that’s how I got my unlimited Home license. Normally ‘unlimited’ means five, so if one has a license, that’s why I stated best to keep it, Yet as long as there’s no pattern of abuse, Bitsum will allow an extra computer or two to be activated with the unlimited Home license.

    It’s like this, ‘unlimited’ doesn’t mean an entire free lunch, while Bitsum is very generous, the cell & landline corporations aren’t, they say ‘unlimited’ as a drawing card, then when one talks endlessly during peak hours (they likely don’t care about nights & weekends), or a landline user goes over so many minutes for 2-3 consecutive months, then they either want to shift one to a more expensive plan, or cut one off. If under contract, that’s great for the consumer, if they make the cut, and one’s under contract, then all that’s owed is the final bill for that month (regardless of service). So if one wants out of a 2 year contract after 3-4 months, just talk your way out of it, or call a landline or use Google Chrome’s talk from email app to call the phone, and just let it sit for hours on end. The cell provider will be happy to part ways with the subscriber.

    So will Bitsum, if they feel one is abusing their unlimited Home license, that’s why install on those needed, and use some of their Beta offerings on others, as of this post, ParkControl is free & an effective tool, though eventually will be incorporated into Process Lasso (don’t know about both Free & Pro). Bitsum always has something going on, so one can hold a Home license & participate in these also. Most folks won’t exceed their unlimited Home license, as long as the subscriber doesn’t allow all of their kids & grandchildren to use the license, few has more than 5 computers at home.

    So subscribe, and see what lands in your Inbox, or maybe try & go through the motions of a purchase & see what promo is offered. You may be surprised!


  • The ‘Entire Home’ license is supposed to do that, as is the CPUBalance product, which is much cheaper (ProBalance only).

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