Bitsum New Site

Legacy license? Don’t worry! Here’s the plan…

UPDATE: This page will automatically convert your license(s) from Gen1 to Gen2. Contact us if you have trouble.

A lot of our users have what we now call ‘legacy licenses’. These are license codes with the format X-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX . These codes will remain valid and functional for the duration of their terms (lifetime in many cases), and will always be accessible at However, I know that you are eager to get an account at our new web site, and a new license code, which has a format more like an md5 hash – a long series of hexadecimal digits.

In between product development, I am working on a script that will automatically move licenses from the legacy system to the new site. However, this has to be done carefully, and so it’s something I am not rushing through – especially since both licensing systems work fine, and will continue to do so.

If you want your account to be migrated prior to the automated transition, which is not something I recommend since manual transfers are more prone to error than automated ones, you simply need to submit a support ticket or email with the subject ‘Migrate license to new site‘. I’ll then put you in the queue and do a few a day, so I don’t spend every waking hour on this. Mostly, I encourage users to keep waiting. It may be another 30 days before the automated transition happens, but everyone’s license will keep working just fine, so there really shouldn’t be any cause for alarm!

I thank you all for your patience. I know this new web site has seemed like a never-ending job, but it is coming to an end. Of course, we’ll always be improving it, but the core work is largely done, as of this month when I moved it to the base domain and fixed many outstanding issues. I’ve also developed a custom WordPress plug-in (the new site is built on the WordPress CMS) to handle the more advanced integration with our proprietary product database. Why did we choose WordPress? Put simply, it has a robust architecture and a very healthy community of developers behind it. We have instant support for all kinds of features and functions. Consider all our new payment gateways, such as the popular Amazon Payments. This would not have been as easy to set up with our prior site. Similarly, we use PayPal Pro now, allowing us to collect payment information directly on our website (though we don’t store it at all!). These extensions, and more, are now just a few clicks away, as opposed to hours or days of labor on my end, which takes away from product development.

We’re in the promised land now, and this new site will only save time from here on out – and saved time means more product development!