Bitsum Begins Offering Custom Development Services

Bitsum is now offering custom development services to clients requiring it. This includes any of our core competencies: Process and power automation, compression, CPU management and more, all utilizing native (unmanaged, not .NET) C++ code for Windows *or* Linux systems, including embedded systems.

To drill down on what I mean by this:

  • We are open to development of custom code for specific uses, but NOT developing applications for resell.
  • We do not want to white-label or otherwise license any of our core technologies out, we are talking here only about custom needs for things like process automation, CPU, and power management.
  • Minimum project cost of $5k USD

If you have a project you would like us to evaluate, please email Your requirements need to be spelled out so that we can give you a quote. A request like, “Create the ultimate Windows optimization application so that we can resell it” is not going to get a positive response because we do not intend to create new competitors in an already crowded market.