New Payment Methods

To help facilitate payments with as much ease as possible, we’ve added support for two new payment gateways: Amazon – Now you can pay with your Amazon Store Card. If you’re like me, you do most of your online shopping at Amazon, so we felt this might help some to afford our software. MercadoPago – Supports […]

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Bitsum’s CPU Affinity Textual Representation

During the course of development of Process Lasso and other Bitsum software, it became apparent that we needed a way to express CPU affinities in an efficient, shorthand, textual manner. This specification became used by the Default CPU Affinities and, in fact, all CPU Affinity settings of Process Lasso. The specification is quite simple. It is […]

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Learn about Packet Loss

The Most Overlooked Factor Affecting Network Performance – Packet Loss!

A lot of people want to improve their network performance, whether speed or latency, and spend big bucks making haphazard guesses as to what may help. I also see advanced Quality of Service apps and features built into most modern wireless routers. Needless to say, network performance is a big issue, and becoming a big industry. The ironic […]

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