Bitsum New Site

New website goes to base domain

Our new web site infrastructure has now been merged into our base domain name. This may result in a few quirks I’ve yet to address, but it had to happen. Our duplicitous site setup was confusing Google and impacting our search engine ranking. Therefore, I had to bite the bullet. I don’t think anything major will […]

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HTTP/2 Adds HTTP/2 For Improved Speed and Security

Always staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, Bitsum has added HTTP/2 to our web server infrastructure. This means a substantial boost in performance for persistent connections. Google and most major providers are already using this on the servers, but it’s only beginning to trickle down to smaller businesses and web hosts. As for what […]

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EV Shield (c)DigiCert

Bitsum Acquires EV Code Signing Certificate

Our existing code signing certificate was due to expire this year, so it was time to renew. This time around we found the certificate authorities were advertising Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificates, which are a-kin to EV/OV SSL (TLS) certificates that result in the larger green bar on some web sites. Extended Validation means the […]

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New Site Screenshot

New site progress and guidance on legacy orders

Lately I’ve been pulling double-duty, restructuring and reformatting the web site, and getting familiar with it’s back-end systems so that I can write custom code to better integrate our legacy and new systems together. After all, we aren’t running a CMS because we can’t code, we’re running one to leverage the capabilities of third-party plugins […]

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