Process Lasso v8.9.8.50 Released

Changes: Change Settings Minor adjustments to default server settings Change Localization Updates to serveral languages Full revision history Process Lasso Download Links @ (certified clean and digitally signed): 32-bit EXE Installer 64-bit EXE Installer 32-bit EXE Installer Server Edition 64-bit EXE Installer Server Edition

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RegMerge Updated to v0.0.2.1 ALPHA

RegMerge, a Bitsum freeware project, has been updated to v0.0.2.1 ALPHA to fix a parsing error in some .REG files. RegMerge is one of many projects I started, but left to linger because I didn’t see sufficient user interest at the time. That appears to be changing, so I’ll make sure the product is worthy of distribution ASAP. […]

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The Great PC Optimization Debate

When it comes to PC Optimization, images of snake-oil and con-men often come to mind, and indeed the problem of fraudulent or misleading software is pervasive in this genre and many other software genres. Bitsum does optimization along with much more, like automation. We never did it the classical way — You know, registry cleaners and […]

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Process Lasso v8.9.8.48 Released, Improves Performance and MBARW Fix

This version improves the performance of Process Lasso itself, reducing it’s already negligible CPU use, and fixes an important interoperability issue with MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware BETA* where excessive CPU consumption would be seen. This is a back-port from the v9 branch so has minimal other changes, as we continue to keep the v8 branch stable as possible. *(stressed […]

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Process Lasso v8.9.8.44 Released

This fixes an edge issue we’ve had reported from time to time. It can be caused by a couple scenarios, but basically a ‘ghost’ process is listed in the Process Lasso GUI, having no other attributes. Once the fault was identified in the v9 branch, we verified the fix, back-ported the code, tested the back-port, […]

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Windows Power Profile CPU Options for Skylake

Core Parking Under the Intel Skylake Generation – .REG file to Unhide settings

Since these newer Intel processors take over control of core parking from the OS, they have different power management options. As we work to fully support the latest hardware, we’ve created a .REG file to unhide these options. The most important, arguably, is the basic ON/OFF switch to either use ‘autonomous’ core parking controlled by […]

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