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Anti-Bundle Association


These are those 'special offers' you get when you try to install a Windows applications. For example, toolbars or free malware scanners that entice purchasing the full product. These have *nothing* to do with the software you are downloading, the author gets a (small) bit of revenue for every install he or she gets.


This is a small organization. Simply post a comment below to sign up as a vendor. We will certify that you do not use installer bundles on software downloads on your web site, and will perioidically re-check. Certification seals will be given to vendors who pass all requirements! Note that we *do* realize that third-parties often 'wrap' installers with their own bundles, so we will look over that practice so long as you distribute bundle-free software from your web site, and that is the primary link you direct customers to.


Sign the virtual pledge now! Installer bundles aren't worth it!


Think your security software will protect you from Bundles? It most likely won't, because most security software these days uses bundles themselves to proliferate their 'free scanners', which of course always detect something and then send you for purchasing ;p. [I do not mean this is the case 100% of the time, just that it is a common industry practice]

The same applies to certian large download sites. It used to be that download sites who added bundles to their downloads were considered rogue. Now, thanks to decisions by the 'big players' in the download site industry, this has changed.

In other words, NOBODY is looking out for you! NOBODY is making sure these bundles are not deceitful, don't cause harm, don't conflict with each other, etc..

All comments on this page are personal opinion. Please, verify all facts for yourself - if you don't already know!

    Installer Bundles:
  • Violate user intent - the user chose to download software X, not a selection of X, Y, Z, and more :o
  • Can interoperate badly with other bundles, or other software on the PC
  • Can cause slow-downs due to their mere presence after installation, especially after they accumulate
  • Can cause slow-downs due to bugs after installation
  • Can be difficult to remove
  • Can use deceitful tactics


User trust. Signing this pledge will help your software company stand out!

More so, software 'bundles' (aka installer wrappers) are an abomination, in my opinion. They represent the worst of software, and are concievably the cause of countless PC problems - even if you think you opted out! There have been cases where opt-outs don't function, as you can imagine. Of course, they are so carefully crafted, it is often hard to know if you are opting out or in!

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