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You are welcome. :)

And to minimize the bad effect of higher memory usage which is increased GC time, you can overclock your CPU and RAM.

I has compared a bit with the other guy, my little Laptop i5-3210m used 100-180ms for GC, but with the nearly same amount of memory usage, his Desktop i7-3960x just used 10-30ms for GC, which only lost 2 Frame(60FPS, 1 frame is 16.67ms) for GC.

And if only iGC happen most of the time, then he is nearly will not notice the stutter.
(iGC, by making GC to part, and running it difference time, the GC total time increased, but each time the browser freeze will be reduced)
And ya, Ad muncher 5 will be free, so it is a good choose to replace Adblock Plus which increase the memory usage.
But I don't tried yet(as they are preparing the server side to accept more people connecting, or human DDoS ;D), so I am not sure how it is. :)
Thanks a lot! Very helpful information, and I appreciate your sharing it. Good to know -- I guess I'll stick with browser restarts for now, then :)
Nope, this is just only works for Ghost Windows that need to GC a few times to remove it. ;)
But yes, normally Ghost Windows are not removable via GC, you need to file a bug to Bugzilla, then find out how it happen, and fix it.

So, it is just a addons that provide a shortcut to access about:memory to use Firefox own ways to force GC and CC, Firefox will run GC and CC per few second, if you are opening and closing page, or run JS/HTML5. :)
Anyways, if you want Firefox can nearly return to the level of memory usage after a browser restart, I think the only ways is speed up the process of coding compacting GC and the other thing that it need to start working.
The issues is GC fragmentation or heap fragmentation, so I think compacting GC will helps here, but we don't know the result if it is not tested yet. ;)

And here is some info about it.

You can just read from this line, the image and words has a good information about why after GC, the memory will not drop back to the level that just start up Firefox.
Fragmentation of the heap is a common problem faced by C and C++ applications and it happens under certain allocation patterns that sometimes are outside the developer control. For example, consider the following allocation pattern:

And here is the info about memory usage and performance.
Gotcha, thanks for the info.

What about this addon -- is it possible it could successfully mimic a browser restart?
Process Lasso / Re: History Shows Despite Being Unchecked
« Last post by edkiefer on June 25, 2014, 06:32:41 AM »
Yes, It is known bug with last version , thanks for report anyway .,3890.0.html
Process Lasso / History Shows Despite Being Unchecked
« Last post by Neptune on June 25, 2014, 05:27:57 AM »
Not a big problem but since the last update, history always shows despite being unchecked in options & all history in that subcategory being unchecked also - I've tried checking (ticking?) & unchecking all items to no avail, as I said not a big issue, thanks for a great program..  Paul

Running Process Lasso Pro 64 (
Process Lasso / Re: Sorting by "Restraint History"
« Last post by BenYeeHua on June 20, 2014, 11:34:40 AM »
Not sure about this, but I am sorting by number of restraints, from 0 to max.

And ya, it can be more ways to sort, but I wonder did it is hard to code or not, as as default, we got only low to high, or high to low.
Adding more ways to sort might need some ways or workaround to support it.

Process Lasso / Sorting by "Restraint History"
« Last post by Coldblackice on June 19, 2014, 07:56:57 PM »
Is there a particular ordering when sorting by the "Restraint History" column? It appears to be random, neither sorted by number of restraints nor amount of time restrained.

Would it be possible to sort more specifically by this? Perhaps there could be multiple sort modes -- sort by total time restrained (descending order), sort by # of restraints (descending).
Process Lasso / Re: Brand new user - Handbrake question
« Last post by edkiefer on June 19, 2014, 03:39:00 PM »
Yes, I seen many with good reports on that HS .
Those temps seem very good for AMD CPU .
On monitoring HWmonitor is small app, no install app that works good (there are many HW monitors ).
Process Lasso / Re: Brand new user - Handbrake question
« Last post by bertie97 on June 19, 2014, 03:02:08 PM »
Thanks for looking around Ed - been too tied up to get back to this til now.

As a follow up to my earlier posts:
The heat issues when running handbrake obviously become more critical in warm weather.  So I had to rob the piggy bank & start looking for a 3rd party cooler.  This is the first time in more than a decade of AMD use that I have needed to ditch the stock HSF.
I did my research on Frostytech & found that the Zalman CNPS10X performa is rated pretty highly & yet was available for under $40 inc S&H.  It fits nicely in the space in my tower, it is supposed to be a bit smaller than many of the big tower coolers & certainly weighs less. 

It arrived today & I got to fitting it.  No problems with the install, everything you need is incudled & despite being the first backplate transplant I've done it went smoothly.
The lump itself is surprisingly quiet even without CnQ active.

The lowdown on Temps (I'm just using the monitor software that came with the mobo, hopefully it isn't too far off) -
Before -
idle / browsing etc = ambient +15 - 20C
full load on all cores = ambient + <50C
--it got too much so I used PL to disable cores to bring it below the danger level.  BIOS fan setting on 'Turbo', no CnQ.
After -
idle / browsing etc = ambient +5 - 7C
full load on all cores = ambient +30C
--is as high as I've got it so far - it's being thrashed on all cores by handbrake right now (PL reports 99% load) & after 50+ mins it's peaked @ ambient + <30C
& to make it even more of a challenge BIOS fan setting on 'Standard' & CnQ is active.

It isn't even spiking as I start up multiple apps whilst Handbrake is working.  As soon as HB stops the temp rapidly drops.
So far I'm very pleased - a good product & great $ per watt ratio.  8)
It certainly gets my recommendation.
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