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Bug Reports / Process launch/terminate logging and Firefox (extension?) issue
« Last post by muse2u on September 18, 2016, 03:16:33 PM »
I noticed that this issue was reported in 2014 and two years later is still a problem. There is some suggestion that there will be a fix in v9. Let me add my voice to a request for a solution sooner than later. ADMIN EDIT: NO, it was not. He was speaking of a different issue.

My primary use of Process Lasso for the last few years is as a tool to monitor the processes on my Windows 10 computer and to perform troubleshooting. The information provided by Process Lasso is far above anything else that I have seen in other task/process monitors, and has been the tool of choice in resolving many performance issues. The value in its use as a performance monitor tool is proportional to the confidence in its reported information. If the information is misleading or inaccurate, or the monitor/logging function exacerbates the problem, the program is useless as a trouble shooting tool.
I have read the forum entry several times, and since I am not as well versed in the subject as your moderators, I have only a limited understanding.

My experience with this issue is as follows:
In the last year or so, I have seen logs of the events described above with respect to Firefox. Process Lasso has log settings for process launch and terminate turned on. A launch entry is logged at Firefox start, and Firefox executes normally for some time. Something then triggers a Firefox/Process Lasso issue, that reflects, what appears as a loop in the logging process, an endless logging of process launch (with the same PID) and process terminates (with the same PID but different PID as the launch). The counter of Firefox uptime increments, suggesting that the process is still running.

In the first incarnation of this problem, the looping log entries were accompanied by a significant performance problem that was not identified by Process Lasso (i.e. according to Process Lasso responsiveness was 100% when it clearly wasn't). Terminating any Firefox processes using Process Lasso, did not clear the performance issue nor the log loop. With Firefox processes no longer in the Process Lasso task list, it was necessary to bring up the Windows Task Manager, which showed that Firefox was still executing. Terminating Firefox with the Windows Task Manager, cleared both the performance issue and the Process Lasso log loop.

In the second incarnation of this problem, a few months ago something happened to change the experience of the problem (as commented above, maybe a Windows 10 update). The Process Lasso log looping was no longer accompanied by a performance issue and, after terminating Firefox processes in Process Lasso, the Windows Task Manager failed to show any running Firefox tasks. So, as was noted above, maybe the running Firefox task was 'hidden' and could no longer be manually terminated, or the task had ended and Process Lasso logging was hung in the log loop.

In both scenarios, stopping and starting Process Lasso and the governor, had no effect on clearing the loop, only a reboot of the computer cleared the problem.

It should also be noted that while the Firefox task is up and running (before any process termination is performed manually) and the loop is being registered by Process Lasso, Firefox is useable (somewhat sluggish in scenario 1) and therefore I don't understand the conclusion that the loop is caused by a crashing process, ie. Firefox crashing.

The suggestion above that we turn off logging of process launch/terminates just hides the problem and is not a solution. The option is not selective, it prevents logging of all process launch/terminates, information that is valuable in performance identification troubleshooting. If the log loop is a figment of Process Lasso imagination or is actually caused by the running of Process Lasso, then we have a Process Lasso confidence issue. If it is reporting an actual Windows process failure, it is doing the job that I paid for.

Does anybody have any idea where in the Bitsum scheme of things, the status of the solution is? Two years is a long time between identification of a problem and a solution in a V9 version of the program!

General / Re: A few change on Windows 10 1607
« Last post by edkiefer on September 17, 2016, 06:54:23 PM »
The biggest annoyance in 1607 is the new UAC window, which can't seem to keep itself in foreground.
This may help users for now with this issue.
General / Re: A few change on Windows 10 1607
« Last post by edkiefer on September 17, 2016, 06:50:01 AM »
Luckly I have not run into that problem, but i have read other have it, the black screen is not new one AFAIK, not sure if vid driver but I have seen it reported before (pre AU 1607).
With a Win10 VM I get sometimes the "getting ready to config" when I close it, even though no updates were DL. I just terminate whole thing and its ok on next startup, that's probably just a VM issue.
General / Re: A few change on Windows 10 1607
« Last post by Hotrod on September 17, 2016, 01:50:34 AM »
I have had 2 laptops now that have gotten stuck with a black screen after the 1607 AU. One (Asus) was totally black with only a flashing cursor that you can't actually type from or use. This one needed a complete re-install of Windows 10 to fix it. The other was a Gateway that got stuck on a black screen with the spinning update dots for 2 days. I got it to reboot after several power cycles but then it reverted to an earlier restore point and upon completing the AU a second time it did it again. I have it back up now but i dare not login yet for fear of losing it again. I'm hoping if i wait long enough Microsoft will fix the issue. If it comes down to it I may need to do a clean install on this one too.
General / Re: A few change on Windows 10 1607
« Last post by edkiefer on September 16, 2016, 05:15:11 PM »
Ok, I see, well I am on Ivybridge, 3570k so even older.
Bug Reports / Re: Automatic Update
« Last post by BenYeeHua on September 16, 2016, 04:19:38 PM »
Ya, it is good thing, thank for doing that. ;)
Well done on this, it is always hard to find issues that caused by other software, and workaround it. :D
General / Re: A few change on Windows 10 1607
« Last post by BenYeeHua on September 16, 2016, 04:17:13 PM »
I don't have that problem with CPU usage with flash, I use Palemoon browser (FF based, kind a ).
AU (1607) has been running well for me, as have 1511 too.
Not the CPU usage, but the CPU C-status, it is keep running in C0-C1e states without going into deeper C-status, which causing more power usage.
It is nothing on older CPU than Haswell, but as I tested on newest laptop, with 1-5% CPU usage(idle), it drop from 4w to 1w, based on the Package power, so it is a lot for newer CPU. :)
General / Re: SuperFetch, useful or useless for Individual users?
« Last post by BenYeeHua on September 16, 2016, 04:14:47 PM »
So I guess maybe I need to do some clean install on a VM, to see how's Windows 10 default setting is. ;)
It is interesting that how much is reset by MS when updating, and also how much is changed only for clean install.

As I know, there are some Windows 10 user tested it, and clean install don't works well than upgrade to windows 10.(I get this information from Nvidia's Geforce forum) :)
Process Lasso Releases / Process Lasso v8.9.8.48 Released
« Last post by Jeremy Collake on September 16, 2016, 12:45:01 PM »
(reposted for email subsribers, as OP had old change log)

Process Lasso v8.9.8.48

This fixes an important interoperability issue with Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta and further reduces CPU use by Process Lasso itself, which was of course already negligible.

Changes: Fix GUI Fix important interoperability issue with MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomware BETA Fix Core/GUI Improved performance and security software interoperability in general Change GUI Improved user-suspended process handling Fix GUI Fix truncated German text in Activation Dialog

For Windows

For Windows Server Editions

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